Ember Light Films, Directed by Matthew Kalamane

A man awakens in an empty house that he is unable to leave. Battling fatigue, injury and amnesia, he begins piecing together the fractured memories of events that led him to be trapped where he is, and ultimately discovers a truth more horrifying than he could have ever imagined.

I played Leira, the girl next door with a dark agenda.

ShEvil Dead

Where Monarchs Die


Ember Light Films, Directed by Matthew Kalamane


An evaluation of youth growing up in a retirement community and the issues that surface in beginning your life where most people go to die. The story covers a single day in the life of two groups whose only commonality is their youth and a chance meeting at a bonfire on the beach.

I played Heather, an outspoken, self protective high schooler.   

Voice, Film, & Stage Actress

The Primitive Screwheads, Directed by Sean Madeira

The Cohen Brothers meet The Bard in this tour-de-force mashup, complete with a chorus of cowgirls, nihilists, and a soiled rug.

 Originally scheduled for only a short run, Much Ado About Lebowski received an overwhelming response, extending the shows into two, sold out summer runs.

​I was part of the cowgirl chorus - a part that required 8 costume changes, and allowed lots of stage time.​​

The Primitive Screwheads, Directed by Mark Schwartz


An all female cast took on a live action spoof of Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. Hundreds of gallons of fake blood covered the audience every night!

I played Jackie Joe, an over the top hillbilly.  

Much Ado About Lebowski