Written and Directed by Matthew Kalamane

Ember Light Productions

Jackie and Joanie and Jack and John

As seen in "The Genuine Show!"

Written by Vonn Scott Bair

Directed by Wesley Cayabyab

Don't I Know You?

Performed as part of Piano Fight's Pint Sized Play Festival

Directed by Jimmy Moore

Written by Elizabeth Gjelten

​Wreaking Retribution

Written and Directed By Cameran Kershek

Performed as part of a collection of one act comedies written by Vonn Scott Bair.  "Jackie and Joanie" is about two women who get started on the wrong foot but quickly learn they have more in common than they ever imagined.  

A defense attorney and her client try to discuss their strategy over drinks, but get more than they bargained for.

In this play, I play the client, who is a victim of war crimes.  

A man has 7 days to find a date for his sister's wedding or his parents will set him up with their mail lady. So whats a guy to do these days? Go on line and Go Fish.

In this scene, the text girl (Sarah Leight) proves that while she is exactly who she is in her picture, she's not a very good lunch date.

Mindy is an aspiring country singer.  Her boyfriend, on the other hand, has a wandering eye and cheating heart.  What's a girl to do?

This story is told without dialogue, proving that actions really can speak louder than words.

In this scene, Mindy's boyfriend gives her a reason to be suspicious. 

Go Fish

Written and ​Directed by Richard Fazi Falzone

Wreaking Retribution (clip #2)

Directed by Cameran Kershek

Wyzant Tutoring

Directed by Andrea Palladino

Mindy's worst suspicions are confirmed in this charged sequence.   

Voice, Film, & Stage Actress

A web commercial for Wyzant Tutoring services.

Where Monarchs Die

Written and Directed by Matthew Kalamane 

An evaluation of youth growing up in a retirement community and the issues that surface in beginning your life where most people go to die. The story covers a single day in the life of two groups whose only commonality is their youth and a chance meeting at a bonfire on the beach.

In this scene, Sarah tries to convince Heather (Sarah Leight) that she should give people more to think of her.  Heather, however, doesn't want to buy into it.