​​Libby's Hands

In this episode of the audio drama podcast Blood Noir, I played Grandma Catrick.  

Frail and fearful, she must deliver her dying request to her granddaughter, as she exits this world for the beyond. 

​​The Foley Artist's Folly

Twelve Chimes It's Midnight audio drama podcast's season 2 finale - recorded in front of a live audience at Bird and Beckett Books in San Francisco.

"The Foley Artist's Folly" is a spooky and kooky radio play set at a 1930s radio station.  I was cast not only as Violet, the radio producer's assistant, but also as Althea Dunesmore, silent star of yesteryear

Murder in the Script Dept.

A previously unreleased segment from the season 2 final of Twelve Chimes It's Midnight.  Paying homage once again to Arch Oboler, his 1943 script, "Murder in the Script Dept." was edited for time, but 100% of the dialogue was original.

I was cast as Bea, a young lady in the script department who's afraid of her own shadow. 

Meteor Man

In this live recorded Twelve Chimes extra, we brought Arch Oboler's 1937 "Meteor Man" script back to life. 

I was cast as Diane, the cultured, yet nervous, professor's wife.

Call of the Dead

Twelve Chimes It's Midnight, season 2, episode 7 - my first appearance as a Twelve Chimes cast member.  

I was cast as Jinx Bennet, girl reporter, in this bizarre tale of science, murder, and voices from beyond the grave.

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